Jeffrey Hawver,

Senior Associate

“I grew up in an architect’s household, so it was inevitable that I would become an architect even though there was never any parental pressure to do so. Apparently I had been very influenced by his career and professional commitment.”

Jeff is one of Studio Agoos Lovera’s most eminent staff members, joining the firm in 1984. He has spent most of his 30+ years of experience primarily as the design and documentation lead of significant projects in Philadelphia and its region. Jeff typically acts as the team leader in architecturally complex projects and in the review of most projects’ documentation to assure the consistency of their quality.

Over his tenure, Jeff has acted as Project Manager for a very long list of projects: the building assessment and master planning for all buildings on the Girard College campus; the Abraham Lincoln High School and the Juniata Park Elementary School, both for the School District of Philadelphia; Temple Towers mid-rise student residence at Temple University; Bridgmans View Tower in Philadelphia; the Philadelphia Eagles stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, leading an in-house architectural team developing construction documentation for the Stadium’s exterior skin; and many other projects too numerous to list.

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