tool time with adam: collated screw gun.

One of our own demonstrates the Tyrex DCF5000 Collated Screw Gun in a Philadelphia row-home renovation. (Senco Duraspin #8 2″ subfloor screws were used)


Here’s what Adam has to say:

“After doing some research on subflooring, I determined that for a truly squeak-free floor I should go with screws.  At first, I was hesitant to the idea of driving each screw individually and, since I already own a nail gun, I almost nixed the idea in favor of nails.  Then I learned about affordable collated screw guns (and who doesn’t enjoy a newly purchased power tool?): Tyrex DCF5000, Rigid R6750, and Senco DS200-AC.  With a collated screw gun, you can save an inordinate amount of time.  I only had two or three misfeeds in driving almost 1,500 subfloor screws, which was more of a user error from driving the screw at too acute an angle.  The new subfloor has performed well, and it is in fact squeak-free.  Subflooring screws are just one of many types of screws offered by Senco; I purchased collated screws for an upcoming drywall project and an exterior deck.  I highly recommend this tool for the do-it-your-selfer.”


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